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3 Sure-fire Signs You Need Commercial Roof Replacement

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Since roof replacement is a time-consuming and costly process, many tend to ignore it and solve the problem too late. As a business owner, you have to deal with a lot of things every day. However, a roof not only protects you from outside but from inside as well.


It is important to understand that leaks in the roof are common for both residential as well as commercial buildings. But, it is not noticeable in the commercial buildings since the undersides of the roof are not visible. Dripping or dumping of water is not always a sign of leakage. Sometimes, water spots and molds can be yet another sign.

In such a case, you must identify the leakage before it starts dripping down. Alternatively, a musty smell is also a sign of leakage. These are some of the surefire signs that your roof needs checking for water damage. If your commercial roofing has an attic, you must check that space for any leakage signs. Since it is close to your roof, the attic will first experience any damage signs.

Damage in the Membrane

A flat roof is one of the common roof styles for commercial buildings. Flat roofs are made with different types of roofing membranes. Consequently, when the damage occurs, it leads to multiple issues. If you are having a house with shingles, you must inspect at the same frequency throughout the year. While checking your roof, check for the bald spots or the membranes starting to lift.

These are the signs that your roof is not properly sealed and has to be examined immediately. Open laps can take place, which remains glued to the membrane starts aging and turns out to be less efficient when it comes to holding things together. If your roof is new and you notice all these signs, chances are there that the roof was not installed properly. This is the time you need to call a commercial roofing contractor in Oklahoma City.


Do not forget to find out your commercial roof’s age. Normally, the lifespan of one roof is twenty-five years. Once this time passes, it increases the threat of increased damage. If your roof is almost twenty-five years of age, try to be more careful during stormy weather. Also, ensure that your roof can hold up at the time of winter months.

If small damages started occurring already, it is time for a replacement. However, this is not the right way of a roof replacement since assessing is a significant part. Call experts to get your roof assessed and then opt for replacement.

Consider the Signs and Change Your Roof Today!

Commercial roofing needs a lot of things to be considered. If you have any queries regarding it, you can come to All American Roofing. We will assess everything and change your roof.