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Ventilation in your home is incredibly impactful for the life of your roof and HVAC systems. Building code is written to protect homeowners, and almost all homes are required by code to have roof ventilation. Most manufacturer specifications also call for ventilation to meet one square foot of roof ventilation per 300 square feet of attic space.

Save Big On Energy

Your roof can reach temperatures up to 150 degrees in the summer, making your attic just as hot. Without proper ventilation, your roof cannot breathe, which results in trapped heat. This trapped heat can cause mold outbreaks, higher electric bills and roof deterioration over the years. A cooler attic means your shingles have a longer life and will not buckle under extreme heat. All American Roofing is proud to say that we are a certified installer for high-quality ventilation.

How Much Ventilation Do I Need?

Our trained professionals can give you the pros and cons of each of these systems. He will look up the square footage of your home, add garage space and then consult the chart to see how much ventilation is required to meet the current building code. We primarily use GAF, Lomanco & Attic Breeze products for supplies. We currently hold the highest certification for installers with both GAF and Attic Breeze products.

Types of Ventilation

Solar Attic Fan 

We are a certified installer of the Attic Breeze solar ventilation system as well as several other brands. The Attic Breeze is a popular option among homeowners as one vent will properly vent over 2800 sq feet of attic space and provide the homeowner with a federal tax credit. Attic Breeze vents use state-of-the-art technology and actively turn on when the heat rises in the attic above a designated temperature. You can also have your solar vent set up on your phone or smart device. Save money by going green when you install an Attic Breeze solar attic fan. 

Extend the life of attic insulation
Save on energy costs
Longer shingle life
Easily controlled from a smart device
Fewer vents on top of your roofline

B-144 or Turtle vents 

Probably the most popular type of rooftop attic ventilation is a no-moving-part static vent system. The most commonly used sizes are small one-square-foot boxes or turtle vents. You are now seeing more of the round, two-foot-wide, B-144 vents used instead of the turtle vents. These B-144 vents are over twice the size and require less of these vents to meet code requirements. They are often the most cost-effective product with the least amount of maintenance of any ventilation systems.


Wind turbines are one of the oldest types of rooftop ventilation systems. It is a moveable product that spins with the wind to move hot air out of the attic. While this product is one the most efficient products you can use for ventilation, it has the most significant profile on the rooftop from the ground.

Ridge Vent 

A ridge vent is a product that sits at the peak of your roof system below your ridge row. They work similarly to a turtle vent. They are a static form of ventilation with little or no maintenance. They are a little more costly than other forms of static vents and can be prone to wind-driven snow or rain.

Oklahoma Roof Vent Installation Service

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