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5 Essential Factors That Ensure Extended Life of Your Commercial Roof

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While the life expectancy of a commercial roof is between 10 and 40 years, several factors can influence its lifetime. Beware of these five factors to extend the life of your roof and save money by preventing unnecessary repair or replacing your roof prematurely. You have to contact a commercial roofing contractor to make sure that your roof remains in a good condition.


Make sure that you choose a reputable company licensed and experienced in commercial roofs when you have your roof installed. An incorrectly installed roof can lead to numerous problems, including decay and leakage.

A talented and skilled commercial roofing contractor needs to be hired to install the roof. Work errors are one of the most common causes of premature roof failure.

Installation defects can result in early deterioration and premature replacement. Make sure you work with an entrepreneur who understands the business and has expert workers to do the job. Some contractors also offer guarantees to demonstrate their faith in their work; however, these guarantees typically cover only a few years.

System of Roofing

The quality and the types of materials used to build your roof will directly affect the length of time. During a life expectancy of 22 to 35 years for TPO or EPDM roof systems, up to 45 can be asphalt or metal roof.


Extreme weather like rain, wind and snow can be a toll on your roof, while you can certainly not control the weather. Even very sunny weather can be problematic all year round. Take the right precautions to prepare your roof for storms when it hits harsh weather.

The roof offers a shield against external elements, including natural elements. However, extreme weather conditions can exert considerable pressure on the roof and cause damage over time, which can even reduce its lifespan.

This is why the weather conditions should always be taken into account when selecting a roofing material. Everything from heavy storms to heavy winds can damage the roof. Since you can’t do much about weather conditions, your best bet is to choose a reliable roofing company, so that the roof is made of the right material and properly installed.

Adequate Ventilation

Excessive heat can damage your roof and cut your life quickly. Carefully ventilate and insulate your roof and building to keep your roof cool. A well-isolated building does not mention that keeps the interior nice and pleasant and helps to lower charges.

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