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5 Important Questions to Ask Your Roofer

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A house is many things, for some it is a place to call home and for others an important investment. Either way it is crucial to address issues with the roofing on time. Roofing repair can burn a hole in your pocket if left to crumble.

Finding the right roofer is a task that needs to be undertaken properly. There are many factors that you should weigh in before signing the contract with any roofer.

Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor Before Hiring Them

Are They A Licensed Roofer?

In Oklahoma, roofing is regulated by the Government, a roofing license ensures that your roofer is allowed to practice in state. Also, a license usually means that they have the expertise and experience required to carry out the job professionally.

Although contractors without a license still do roofing work, it is advisable to not hire someone who hasn’t procured a license yet.

Do They Have General Liability And Workers’ Comp Insurance?

Roofing work is often subject to hazardous conditions and resulting injuries. It necessitates your contractor has the applicable insurances in order.

A general liability insurance protects your property against the risk of accidental damage and a workers’ comp insurance protects your roofer against the financial loss in case an accident occurs.

Can They Provide You With References of Previous Works?

You can and should ask for references of their previous work. Some roofing companies have testimonials on their website, others would be able to hook you up with their previous clients. You can get an idea of the quality of work, how long the job is going to take, etc.

Do They Hire Subcontractors?

It is a common practice for roofers to hire subcontractors. In that case it is important that you inquire whether they are good enough for the job and also about their insurances, general liability and workman’s compensation both.

While you’re at it, do make sure that all three parties are clear on issues regarding payment. It might save you from potentially paying twice.

What Is The Warranty on Your Roof?

Good shingles last anywhere from 25 to 30 years. Ensure that the shingles you’re being provided with are good quality by asking for their warranty period. You should get at least 25 years on them and anything less isn’t good enough.

Find a Roofer That Checks All Your Boxes

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