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5 Reasons of Your Commercial Roof Can Welcome Leaks

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Your roof is an important part of your business premises. In future, it can lead to exponential costs and headaches if your commercial roof is compromised. It is important to understand potential issues, whether you own a business center, an apartment complex or an office building. Learn more about the common problems caused by a roof leak before calling commercial roofing contractor for fixing damages.

Growth of Mold

When a roof leaks, the first thing will happen is that water goes into your rooftop and starts swallowing into interior components. This is going to cause mold growth very quickly. To start growing in your building, mold only needs a few basic features:

  • Moisture
  • Heat
  • A source of food

Some common food sources for mold are drywalls and tapestries, but mold and mildew can flourish on the wet grounds, on your insulation and even on your building’s wood frame.

Wood Getting Rot

When the mold grows and the moisture penetrates your wood support beams, it can reduce your whole support structure’s strength. Over time, a dangerous situation could arise. It is best that you avoid water damage before your framing starts to rot from a slopes roof line to a full collapse of your commercial roofing system.

Insulation Compromised

Finally, a leak in your roof might wet your insulation. The majority of buildings are fiberglass insulated. Air pockets between the fibers are used to form a thermal barrier. Fiberglass is heavy and crumbles when exposed to water. This not only reduces its isolating properties, it could add substantial weight to your trade ceiling, creating a dangerous situation.

A Poorly Built Drainage System

The contractor should consider the location in which the water drains, when commercial roofs are installed. Drains, gutters, down spars and scuppers are the vulnerability of your commercial roof. These must be cleaned regularly to make sure that the water from the roof is clear and moving.

If your roof is not drained properly, you may have water standing or laying on your roof. In order to add a lot of additional weight to your structure, the water can not only sit water risking a leak through the membranes.

Penetrations that are not closed

Roof penetrations are common on flat commercial roofs, especially in the construction industry. Roof penetrations are any systems that pass through the roof membrane, such as HVAC units, drains, vents, pipes, gas lines, and other similar devices. Despite the fact that these areas can get leaks, they can be sealed properly during a roof installation or a spray coating application.

Where to Go?

All American Roofing in OKC has a team of commercial roofing experts. What do you think they do? Bid adieu to all your roofing problems by booking a consultation with us. Not to worry when our skilled team of experts begin their journey for your rescue.