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Are You Aware of These Detrimental Roof Agents Present in Your Surroundings?

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The roofing of your house acts as a vital defense force, protecting your property from destructive elements. Sadly, nothing has the potential to endure the fury of mother nature till eternity. In OKC, snow and wind often compel the roofs to lose their longevity quickly. Hence the need for quality roofing repair services is intensifying these days.

We had a client from OKC who was facing the challenge of water drainage. However, our professionals gave him the much-needed relief with a thorough inspection and timely repair. Allow us to unveil all the common culprits that aim to damage your roof.

Aftereffects of Wind

There is no limit to wind damage to your roofing system. These culprits try their best to lift and pull the shingles away, leading to the exposure of the underlayment. This issue can enhance the possibilities of leakage (as the shingles are not available for repelling water). Most of the wind devastation occurs on the roof’s edges, demanding the assistance of professional roofers.

Snow, Rain, and Ice

Moisture seems to be the biggest enemy of the roof. The worst thing is that it is also present in the air. When water starts seeping into the top, the structure of your home starts witnessing significant damage. It may invite mold, mildew, and rot and causes severe devastation to your attic’s insulation. Contacting a reputed roofing repair company can be a property-saving decision.

Although rain acts as the primary threat-giver, the freezing of melted snow can give rise to ice dams. These complexities block the chances of water drainage through the gutters. After noticing a leakage, one of our clients in OKC gave us an immediate call, and we helped him save the long-term repair costs.

Moss and Lichen 

Lichens are gradual-growing plants that form a crusty-looking growth on the roofs. Although moss appears slightly softer, it can lead to various uninvited complications. If you experience any of these on your top, understand that they can cause structural damage and wood rot.

Harmful Effects of Sunlight

Factors such as everyday heat and the harmful ultraviolet rays can put your shingles to sleep over time. In several cases, sunlight seems to deteriorate and fade the shingles, making them useless in safeguarding your home. Call the roofing repair experts if you notice the signs of a sun-damaged roof.

All Hail the Roofing Experts

Allow the professionals of All American Roofing to inspect your roof and bring the modifications as per the needs. Our experienced team offers complete help during the replacement or repair process, putting quality on top of everything. It’s time to experience the cessation of the roofing hassle!