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Commercial Vs Residential: Have You Noticed the Differences?

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Roofing is roofing, and every service has a similar approach. That’s what most homeowners in Oklahoma City believe. But that’s not true. All American Roofing experts suggest analyzing the difference between residential and commercial roofing. And leave the rest to this blog post. We will lay out all the necessary details that you need to know. Although the purpose remains the same (protection), the repair and installation procedures may vary significantly.
At All American Roofing, the experts handle every commercial and residential roofing need with quality assurance. Our sales staff will walk you through the complete process, letting go of the deeply-layered doubts and turning on the “satisfaction” bulb. The only necessity is to connect with us to get all the information about our services.

Differences in Roof Slopes

Oklahoman roofing experts of All American Roofing have something critical to unveil: differences in slopes. And why is it so crucial to pay attention to the roofing systems while driving through business districts? Here is why: roofs consisting of slopes usually help to drain rainwater.
Residential roofs feature pronounced slopes that offer better drainage than their commercial roofing counterparts. Furthermore, the “sloped” feature prohibits pets and animals from accessing your roofing system and prevents damage.

Substance Variation in Roof Types

The experts reveal an essential fact: commercial and residential roofs do not include the use of the same materials. For instance- if you look at residential roofs, these comprise tiles or shingles consisting of substances like clay, asphalt, metal, and wood. Undoubtedly, these are an ideal fit for stacking over the property’s rafters. But what do you notice on the other side of the road? Commercial roofing systems usually consist of gravel, tar, and single-ply coverings. Roofers find immense ease in spreading out these substances on the broader roofs. Hence, you witness a higher possibility of cost-effectiveness and maintenance.

The Differences in Skill Sets

Although each roofing approach has a similar purpose of ensuring protection, you will notice variations in skill levels and efforts. Generally, commercial roofing projects demand a higher skillset and action as it envelops a larger area. And that determines the number of contractors who will handle the job.

Roofing Variation in a Nutshell

Looking closely, the differences between residential and commercial roofing become more visible. From skill and effort variation to different material requirements, you will notice several differentiating facts between the two. Furthermore, you can grasp more information on this matter from our elite roofing contractors.