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Do You Know Your Roof Well?

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In order to make your home strong, knowing the roof of your house is very important. Roof is the primary element of your house that prevents you from water damage and atmospheric hazards. Basically, a roof is made of different materials and layers. A better understanding of these materials and layers can help you to learn more about roof damage. Going for Roofers in OKC can be a good idea, especially if you are in the city of Oklahoma. Roofers can inspect your roof with proper care and give the required solution.

Different components of roof

Roofs are made of different components. You need to get familiar with those components.


The exterior layer of your roof is made of either shingles or metal sheets. Shingles protect the underlying sheathing from the outside damage. Having a good idea over shingles can protect your roof from further damage.


Crossbeam plays an important role in supporting the shingles and sheathing. These are normally woods or metals.


Plywood or the sheet materials which are pieces together are the crossbeam. This is also known as decking.


The main purpose of the underlayment is to resist the water and snow. Make sure that there are no such issues with this portion. In order to get a better view of the underlayment, you can call professional roofers. In OKC, you can easily lookout for professional roofers. They will assist you by making a proper inspection of your roof.


Drainage is used to extract water from the roof. It’s actually the design of the roof that allows the drainage to work in such a way.

Other Facts

Proper Maintenance of the roof is highly important. There are many other facts that you may need to know about your roof. It is important to know the age of your roof before asking for a replacement. The types of shingles you used for the roof will determine the replacement period. Asphalt Shingles normally hold up for 20 years whereas wood shake roofs can live up to 30 years.

There are different types of shingles available at the market which has different warranty as well as stability. Take help from expert roofers in choosing perfect shingles which will last long and will ultimately save your money.

With All American Roofing, you are about to experience a high-class roofing service in the city of Oklahoma. We can provide both residential and commercial roofing service. Our expert roofers will make you feel stress-free. Therefore, grab the phone and make a booking so that we can help you at the time of need.