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Do You Need to Spray Polyurethane on Your Roof?

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You may have been looking for new roofing when you came across the term “R-value”. You might not know what R-value is. In simple words, R-value for your roof means the capacity that your roof has in keeping the heat inside your house. You may talk to your roofer in OKC about the R-value that you can get from your roof after you get it sprayed. So, here is a detailed discussion that will help you in understanding how much R-value you can expect from your roof.

Spray Polyurethane:

When you spray polyurethane on your roof, you basically increase the thickness that keeps the heat trapped inside successfully. The R-value of the spray for every one inch is 6.5. Hence, applying 4 inches of polyurethane spray ensures that you have increased the thickness of your roof approximately by four times (6.5X4).

Now, your roof will already have an R-value. If we assume that the R-value is 20, the new coat will increase the thickness significantly. So, the new R-value of your roof will become 20+6.5×4= 46.

There are two situations in which you may want to cover your roof with polyurethane spray:

  • If you want to repair your roof that is already installed
  • If you want to completely remove your old roof and install a new one with spray coating on top.

Applying Polyurethane Foam Over an Installed Roof:

Your roof may already be in moderately good condition. You might require some repair works done by the roofer in OKC to be done to maintain the good shape of the roof. We recommend getting your roof checked by professionals who can determine how much damage your roof has sustained.

The roofing professional will test the saturation, standing water situation and samples from your roof to determine how much foam spray your roof requires.

R-value For Replacing the Roof:

If your roof has any of the following conditions, it is best to remove the roofing completely and reinstalling new roof:

  • If the insulation is saturated over 25%
  • If the existing roof is too old and has deteriorated beyond repair
  • If the roof is leaking constantly even after fixing
  • If the roof is not being able to keep your indoors insulated

You can ask your roofer to remove the whole insulation and reinstall the membrane. After installing the new roof, it is now ready to be sprayed with polyurethane.

Whether you need a new roof or need to repair the old one, it is best to talk to a professional company such as All American Roofing that can guide you through the whole process.