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From One Missing Shingle to a Roof Leak: Is It Possible?

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Whether it is the scorching days of summer or the freezing nights of winter, Oklahoma City is always a favorite spot for storms. Even though these storms do not always cause severe damage, they often lay the groundwork. For example, they take a few shingles from the top of the roof with their rapid wind flow. At first sight, this may not seem a big problem. But according to some of the leading roofing repair experts in OKC, even one missing shingle can lead to a significant roof leak.

Does this sound far-fetched? We are sure that you will think otherwise after reading the following section of the article.

How Does a Missing Shingle Cause a Major Roof Leak?

According to roof repair service professionals, these are some of the most common aspects where a missing shingle can cause a significant leak.

  • Usually, a missing shingle will not cause a leak immediately after going missing. But as it goes out of sight, a small roof patch will become an entry point for rainwater. Though the roof’s underlayment will stop the rainwater, it will only get damaged over time. If you do not replace the lost shingles quickly, there will be no way of controlling the leak.
  • Three-tab shingles are some of the most common forms of shingles seen in homes of the U.S. As they undergo frequent installation, the joint from the lower row’s shingles remain open if a whole shingle goes missing. That means even if only a single tab of the entire shingle goes out of view,, there is still a 1/3rd chance that the shingle will expose the joint.
  • The situation will be even worse if you have architectural shingles instead of the three-tab ones. Unlike the latter, architectural shingles remain connected across the whole width of the roof. As a result, even if only a single shingle tab gets uprooted, it will risk the entire row. Naturally, the chances of a roof leak will increase substantially.

A Roofing Repair Professional’s Guide to Deal with Missing Shingles

Replace the Shingles

When you first notice a missing shingle, replace it as soon as possible. If you leave your missing shingles unchecked, the chances of your roof leaking will exponentially increase. So, call a roof repair professional in Oklahoma City to begin the replacement work.-

Get the Claim

Even if only a few tabs of shingles are missing, save your chance to get your claims. If your roof has a warranty, you can claim that and get the shingle replacement without spending a dime. You can still benefit from your insurance even if you do not have a warranty.

Keep Calm and Call All American

We only provided the information to notify you about the tentative problems, not to scare you. So, avoid getting pressurized or intimidated by the situation. Call us and leave all the heavy lifting to the experts of All American Roofing. Now, you can switch to attentive mode and watch the best professionals in roofing repair in OKC solve the severe problems.