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Hail Damage in OKC Roofs? Learn More Below!

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The United States holds the world record for the largest hailstone ever known to man. A 20.3-centimeter beast of a hailstone fell in Vivian, South Dakota, in 2010. But what we are about to learn in this article is that hail sized way smaller can, too, cause irreversible damage to your roof.
The worst part is hail damage on roofs is often elusive to the untrained eye. Before you know it, the damage may have snowballed into a much more severe, much costlier problem. A proactive approach, along with scheduling inspection and roofing repair services on time can help you keep your roof in great shape for a longer period.
This blog post is going to talk about what you can expect your roofer to do during a hail damage inspection.

Find a Professional Roofer to Carry Out Hail Damage Inspection on Your Roof

Following a hailstorm, professional inspection of your roof should be a top priority. A timely inspection makes sure that the roofer can catch any trouble brewing on the horizon before it becomes too acute.
A pro will know where exactly to look for cracks and breaks. While the roofing repair expert looks at the damages, people in Oklahoma City can move forward with the procedure for insurance assistance.
The most common types of damage that hailstorms come with are –
● Missing shingles
● Shingles that getloose
● Broken shingles
● Holes in the roofing membrane
● Moisture damage and water leakage
● Granular loss in shingles
● Damage to the fiberglass matt

Don’t Rely on Insurance; Always Get a Third-Party Inspector

Quite often, insurance companies insist their own adjuster to carry out the roof inspection without intervention from a third-party roofer. It may seem like a good way to save a couple of bucks. However, you should know that it is in your best interest to consider a professional crew to conduct an inspection for your roofing system.
Highly trained roofing experts can find even the most inconspicuous cracks and holes, that may later leave your roof susceptible to moisture damage. A trained pro is your best shot at identifying damage that the insurance company is likely to overlook.

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