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How Roofing Materials Cause Ponding Water on the Roof?

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Roof penetrations, such as vent stacks, skylights, and HVAC units, play the evil role for the roofs, according to the roofers in the OKC.Penetration areas are not only the most susceptible to roof leaks, but they can make positive drainage difficult after a snow or rain event.

Ponding water occurs when water flow is blocked by penetrations. It can lead to premature roof membrane degradation, insect infestation, mold growth, and more if left untreated.Facility managers can engage with their roofing providers to combat with reinforced material problems in these susceptible ponding water locations that can’t be solved by just diverting water flow. There are a few factors that roofing companies follow for protecting ponding water.

The following factors are considered in each customized solution:


The thickness of a membrane is important because the polymer will weaken when uncovered tothe environment, and it will deteriorate considerably faster if there is ponding water. A thick film in specific ponding water zones can extend the estimated life of the roof.


A polyester reinforcement addition to the roofing membrane can strengthen the roofing membrane. It also reduces water’s capacity to pass through the membrane.

Gravity specification

When compared to water, the heavier material canshed water better. A product with a low porosity and high gravity,high tensile reinforcement, outstanding adhesion, should be used in ponding water areas.


The material’s hue can make a disparity. Because white roofs do not retain heat, they are not ideal for ponding areas. A darkcolored roofwill aid the ponding water disperse faster by retaining heat. Even in hotter regions, it’s a good idea to paint the ponding areas.


When ponding water settles around the seams or penetrations it makes more deterioration as water enters through the leaks. Look for seamless materials or be aware of regions where material sheets overlie around penetrations and strengthen those areas.


While reroofing, when you can field-manufacture the roof, that’s the best opportunity to handle ponding regions. Examine the ponding locations where you won’t be able to transfer water once the roof is completed, and repair them right away.

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