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How Will Be Your Commercial Roof Preparation in Winter?

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Winter will reach your city before knowing, with fall already here. Do not put off worrying about your roof until it has been seriously damaged. Winter makes critical roof repairs even more difficult, so don’t wait until it’s too late. Here are four preventive steps you can take except from calling roofing contractor before it gets too cold to reduce the possibility of major roofing issues in the winter while also expanding the roof life.

To Prepare a Roof for Winter, Clean the Gutters

Gutters stay across the length of your house and assist in the drainage of water from your roof, which will finally make its way inside. The only maintenance needed is a thorough cleaning—or after a major storm.

The materials you’ll find in gutters areleaves, twigs, and the occasional bug nest, such as random toys from neighborhood kids’ hands. During a rainstorm, something on your roof would most likely find its way to the gutter system, posing a clogging threat. If this occurs and it rains, all of the water from your gutters and runoff will flood next to your home’s base. The effects can be catastrophic.

Damage Inspection

Cracked and missing caulk on thechimneys andpipes, loose tiles, or bent underlayment can all be discovered during a roof inspection. Early detection of these problems would allow you to avoid any damage to your home’s interior. Unfortunately, getting on top of the roof to conduct a detailed inspection is difficult.

A physical commercial roofing inspection may be replaced with one of the following safe alternatives:

• Work with a specialist.

• Make use of binoculars

• Use a drone to inspect the roof

To Put a Roof in order for Winter, Strengthen Your Attic

During Hurricane, homeowners along the east coast purchased specialized equipment to strengthen attic beams against the additional intensity of a category 4 tropical storm. As winter approaches, you’ll need to strengthenthe attic in a new way. Cave-ins are less likely in Oklahoma because snow and ice aren’t a frequent occurrence. Leaks and condensation are the most common winter damages in Oklahoma attics.

Check for discoloration on the ceiling or your attic. Before winter comes, replace any damaged materials and plan roof repairs. Insulation keeps cold air out of your attic, reducing the temperature of your house and costing you more money in the long run.

Ensure that your home is properly insulated and ventilated.

Check the insulation in your living space when you’re visually examining the attic. Heat loss from your home will cause ice and snow on the roof to melt and refreeze, resulting in ice dams that threaten your roof’s integrity. To protect your roof while saving money on energy bills, ensure all vents, pipes, light fixtures,chimneys in the attic are insulated.

Maintaining healthy commercial roofing in the winter needs proper attic ventilation as well. Water damage, mould, and rot can all be caused by an attic that isn’t properly ventilated. Ventilation lets cooler air to reach the attic, decreasing the possibilities of snowmelt freeze and roof damage.


Fall is a perfect time to invest in a roof rake for winter. The average roof can withstand up to four feet of snow before losing its structural integrity. We get a lot of snow here in OKC, and the snow will easily start piling up on your roof. You can save time and money by scraping snow from your roof with a roof rake until it compacts. This also stops snow from melting and freezing. At All American Roofing we take a 360 degree care of your roof. For more details, contact us soon.