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Is It Time to Start Looking At Your Roof Ventilation System Yet?

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The roof is the single most significant investment that a homeowner makes in regard to their home. A roofing system may appear one-dimensional, but there are so many constituents. Ventilation is a critical component, preventing the heat from building up in your attic and keeping the home moderated at an ambient temperature.

As the roof ages, it falls prey to clogging and moisture build-up that can further lead to mold.

What Are the Signs of a Stumbling Roof Ventilation?

  • The most discernible sign of poor roof ventilation is piles of snow and ice dam formation along the roof during winters. Ice dams are a blaring sign of trapped heat in the attic. These should be fixed immediately lest the issue snowballs into a roof succumbing to disrepair.
  • Quite often disorderly ventilation can be the reason behind rogue leaks on your roof. Leaking is especially common in aged roofs. Once the water starts seeping into your walls and basement you will run into bigger problems, it’s only safe that you hire a roofing repair service on time.
  • Have you ever been in your lounge, and it is comfortable enough, but the moment you enter your bedroom, you can feel a marked rise in temperature? The uneven distribution of hot and cold air throughout the home is indicative of a struggling ventilation system.

How to Prevent Poor Roof Ventilation?

Despite the warning signs being prominent enough, an absurd amount of homeowners fail to take note of poor roof ventilation. Getting a roofer to take care of the ventilation on time is going to save you from having to partake in the expensive and tedious repair process.

  • Broken shingles and tiles are to be replaced immediately. Even if the shingle is holding on, but barely, make a point to replace it before it does eventually break apart.
  • Hire a company for quality roof repair and get your ventilation system looked at. If the professionals suspect any malfunction, invest in repairs or install entirely new ventilation. It may seem like a costly decision to make but trust us when we say it is money thoughtfully spent.
  • Clean your roof’s gutters at least twice every year. Unclogged gutters will keep your ventilation unhindered and running at maximum efficiency.
  • Apart from all the points mentioned above, we recommend scheduling an annual roof inspection such that any problems can be picked up before they become a major problem.

Roof Repair Services That Exceed Expectations

Roof Ventilation is an integral component of your home’s long life and well-being. All American Roofing is a locally owned and operated company situated in Oklahoma City. We serve residential and commercial clients across OKC, Edmond, Tulsa, and neighboring areas. Visit our website for contact information!