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Perceiving the Commonly-Available Commercial Roofing Types

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Roofs act as the essential first defenders of industrial or commercial properties. Their primary duty is to protect them from natural dangers like rain, wind, or fire. Any level of complication requires a commercial roofing service to prevent unwanted deterioration. Furthermore, poor-quality materials are more likely to spoil the overall longevity.
People in OKC often ignore the building’s overall health while selecting a new roof. It is also critical to consider the weather fluctuations, durability, and energy efficiency factors. Moreover, every commercial roof type has its advantages and disadvantages. The best commercial roofing contractors can assist you in making a proper decision. We will reveal some of the most well-known options in this article.

Built-Up Membranes

Many people in Oklahoma City opt for built-up options due to their excellent lifespan. They offer sustainability for a minimum period of 20 years with proper maintenance. And the manufacturing process of these membranes comprises alternating gravel and tar layers. Another great thing to observe is that they are affordable and easy to repair. Also, you can expect optimum flexibility from them. However, it can be complex to pinpoint the leakage source.

Metal Roofing

Undoubtedly, metal roofs sit on the priority chart of most individuals in OKC. These commercial roofing materials seem to deliver an unbeatable lifespan of 40 to 60 years. Moreover, you will get different types of metal roofing in the market. Here are the common substances to consider:

  • Zinc, Aluminum, and Tin
  • Corrugated Galvanized Steel
  • Copper
  • Tile Sheets
  • Stainless or Coated Steel

The commercial properties can obtain a finished and eye-pleasing look with metal roofing. In addition, they provide excellent durability, better fire resistance, and immense sustainability. Although metals have corrosion-prone issues, their modern counterparts include protective surface layers. Hence, the devastation from moisture, exposure, and pollution subsides.

Spray-On Roofs

The Spray Polyurethane initiates as liquid sprays and expands into foams. This material eventually forms a sturdy layer. Moreover, it applies to existing roofs for insulation and waterproofing. One can use these substances in any weather condition. Also, they provide exceptional longevity of 50 years with proper insulation. However, spray-on roofs demand yearly or bi-annual inspection after installation. And the appropriate installation time excludes ice, snow, and water.)

Turn ON the Excellence Mode of Roofing

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