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Roof Flashing: Answers to Your Common Roofing Questions

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Roof is one of the most important parts of your house. It keeps you and your household safe from water, heat and precarious weather. There might be so many questions on your mind regarding your roof. You can easily find the answers if you do a little bit of research. But you can contact a roofing contractor in OKC if you want answers regarding your roofing problems. They are professionals and have years of experience.

What about Roof Flashing?

Roof flashing works as a seal between the roof joints. Normally, roof flashing includes copper, aluminum and sheet metal that keep the water away.

There are different types of roof flashing materials – copper, aluminum and sheet metals. Most of the house owners chose aluminum flashing due to its affordability. Flashing adds an extra layer of protection to the certain parts of the roof that are prone to water leaks. Especially, the joint areas of the roof such as chimneys, skylight perimeters etc. are prone to water damage. Flashing protects these areas from dripping water.

What Are the Various Types of Flashing?

  • This type of flashing protects the chimney area from bottom to the top.
  • Valley flashing actually protects the valley of the area where two roof planes meet together.
  • Step flashing is used in the slope roof or vertical wall.
  • Vent pipe flashing protects the pipe from possible leaks and damages. This type of flashing goes over the pipe and is of cone shape.

Some common roofing questions are:

How Long Will the Roof Last?

The longevity of a roof depends on so many factors. The roof materials are one of the most important factors among them. For example, a roof of asphalt shingles can last up to 20 years whereas a metal roof can last at least 50 years.

Should I Go for a Roof Repair Or Replacement?

This is one of the important questions you can ask to an expert roofing contractor. It’s hard to decide whether a roof needs repair or replacement. It requires a proper inspection. You can hire a roofing expert for an inspection of your roof as well.

What Are the Damaged Areas?

If your roof has water leaks or damages that allow water dripping inside, you need to fix them at the right time. You can ask your roofing expert how you can trace out the damaged areas.

All American Roofing has experienced roofing experts who can answer all your questions when it comes to roofing. We will inspect your roof and make sure it’s safe. Small leaks and damages can be crucial for your roof. Do not delay in fixing them on time. Call us today.