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Roofing Vents That Add to Your Benefits

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When you walk around your neighborhood, you will notice every house in Oklahoma City has different roofing structure, vents, and installations. All these perforations that a roofer has made have a certain purpose to keep your roof and home healthy. One of those penetrations is for the roof vents.

A good ventilation has a significant role to play in enhancing the life of your roof and lowering your electricity bill. Moreover, it also aids in making it a healthier place. It is recommended to have both intake and exhaust ventilation installed, but, in some cases, it is not possible to install intake ventilation because of the home’s architecture. Check out the venting types and its benefits by scrolling down.

Categories of Ventilation

If you get the hang of how air naturally moves, then you can understand why having both intake and exhaust is important for your roof’s venting ability. You need to understand how these two work hand in hand before choosing the type of vent you want to install.


It is important for the hot air to rise, which contain moisture so that it can get out of the house from your attic space. If the hot air stays inside the house, it can cause bad-smelling mildew, which can turn into molds. Roofers usually build the exhaust-style vents high in your roofline for the hot air to

evaporate out.    


Hot air is very stubborn and needs a push to go out, so cool air acts as a bouncer to kick the hot air out. Cool air comes inside your attic space with the help of intake vents which are built at the lower part of the roofline. When the cool air enters below the hot air, the intake ventilation helps to push the hot air out.  

Types of Vents

Soffit Vents

These are a kind of intake vents that the roofers build under the roof eves, along the length of the house, or between the joints.

Gable Vents

These vents are made of wood and are installed on the exterior wall of the attic. These kinds of vents rely on the wind that comes from the outside.

Static Vents

Static vents look like boxes that allow the heat to go out by convection method.

Get the Air You Deserve!

All American Roofing provides you with the kind of roofing that suits best for you and your house. You can call us to discuss your attic ventilation system,  and get the best guidance from our expert roofers.