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The Facts You Should Know About Roof Maintenance

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The roof protects us from natural phenomena such as snow, rain, heat, cold, etc. If you do not maintain your roof properly, it may damage and lead to severe destruction in near future. You also have to spend a lot of money to replace the roof. Here, we have shared some facts that you should know before doing roof maintenance.

What Types Of Services Available During Routine Maintenance?

Check Your Roof

Any roofing inspector can visit and check your roof if there is any problemis persisting. They mainly check various signs of weakness such as cracking, spotting, etc. 

Clean Gutters and Drains

If the roofer  notices that anything like leaves  sticks blocks water from draining in the roof, then he removes the blockage. It is very important because the static water lessens the lifespan of the roof.

For How Long Is It Necessary to Maintain Your

The experts suggest examining and maintaining the roof twice per year in the spring and in the fall just before winter. 

You need to have your roof prepared for the winter. If your roof has an access point for water to get into your roof system, that water will freeze throughout the Winter. When the Spring comes and the frozen water thaws out, you will notice an uncovered roofing system. 

When the water is frozen, it expands. In that case, when the water thaws out, it leaves a chance of leakage on your roof.. In spring, you should hire any roofing contractor to examine your roof.

The Cost of Roof Maintenance

If you want to do proper roof maintenance, then you have to spend approx. $0.02 to $0.05 per square foot. You should know about a few factors that may affect the roof maintenance plan.

  • The size of your roof.
  • Location of your roof
  • The number of penetration

What Happens If You Ignore Roof Damage?

If you do not want to invest in a roof maintenance program, then you have to maintain the roof on your own. But if you avoid routine maintenance, your warranty will not cover the damage cost.  If the drains of your roof have a blockage, face weather-related damages, then the roof membrane weakens and the damage will not be covered under warranty. 

 Call Professional Roofing Inspectors

If you want to do roof maintenance or check your roof, then contact any commercial roofing services or commercial roofing contractors. All American Roofing provides various services such as siding, gutters, roof repairing and many more in Oklahoma City. Please visit our website to book your appointment and learn more about our services.