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The Lifespan of TPO: How Long before You Replace Your Roof

commercial tpo roofing

If you ask commercial property owners, they will most likely proclaim TPO as their favorite roofing material. The reason is the endless list of features you get from installing TPO. If you are also a commercial property owner and want to use commercial TPO roofing, read this article. Because here, we will discuss a vital topic about the material, the lifespan. If you have a distinct idea of how long your TPO roofing will last, it will be easier for you to manage your finances and prepare for your next roofing project.

There are several factors you need to consider when determining the longevity of your roof. Here are some of the most important among them.


TPO itself is a potent material. Even with minimal maintenance, it can hold its fort for many years. But TPO can also witness sub-categorization by the number of layers. They also have higher or lower strength according to the number of layers. So, the type of TPO you choose will directly affect the roof’s lifespan.


Like any other flat roofing material, the longevity of TPO depends heavily on the weather. If the roofing is in an area that has extreme temperature changes, the roof could take some damage because of that. Not just the temperature, if your roof regularly deals with high-speed winds or constant rainfall, its lifeline would substantially reduce.


Maintenance of TPO roofing directly affects its longevity. Here are some aspects that work to prolong the roof’s life.

  • It protects the roof from minor leaks and damage and helps you prolong its ability to last long.
  • Brings back the long-lost strength of the roof and helps it bear all the external impacts.

Installation and Welding

TPO roofing mainly undergoes installation with the help of electrical welding. But, if the welding is not strong enough, external factors will start damaging the roof. As a result, its lifeline would diminish substantially. That is why you must be careful while choosing your TPO roofing contractor.

Why Commercial TPO Roofing Lasts Long?

The two thermoplastic layers and polyester scrim reinforcement result in a durable single-ply roof. TPO’s topcoat reflects heat and light, reducing cooling strain and UV light degradation. Installers weld the TPO sheets together to form a waterproof seal. Proper installation and maintenance by a trained contractor can extend the TPO roof’s lifespan to 30 years. Regular inspections and minor repairs can also extend its lifespan beyond expectations.

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