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3 Common Problems with Solar Panels on Your Roof

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No doubt, these days, people are becoming more aware about the surrounding environment. They realize global warming is a real problem, not some made-up thing. We also know that mine coal is going to finish soon.

That’s why people now depend upon alternative energy sources for daily usage. But sometimes, these energy solutions cause more problems than they ever think! Solar panels are now one of the most practical alternative energy solutions for most house owners.

Generally, the experts install them on the roof to get maximum sunlight. Experts do not design most roofs to act as energy conductors. Installing the panels on the roof without any plan can cost you more than you bargained.

While considering solar panel installation on your roof, consider a few factors. However, you can also contact Tulsa roofers to know what preventive measures you should take before installing solar panels.

Roof Age

Roofs do not last forever and neither do solar panels. You can compare the lifespan of solar panels to traditional architectural signals. Most house owners install solar panels on roofs a few years old.

That means the roof needs repair before the solar panels will. In that case, the roofers must remove the panels and then repair the roof, which increases the cost. The best time to install solar panels is after replacing your roof.

Leakage Issues

By nature, solar panels disrupt the excessive water flow, which leads to moisture damage. You can also notice moisture damage around the areas where the experts bolt the panels in and attach them to the roof if the panels don’t follow correct installation.

That’s why you should hire the best roofing company in Tulsa to inspect the roof and the panels and maintain them frequently to prevent moisture penetration.

Roof Nests

Solar panels provide perfect living conditions for animals searching for safe places to make nests. They consider the area underneath the panels safe because it is a weatherproof environment.

Birds, squirrels and bugs like to live in that space between the solar panels and the roof to get safety from harmful natural factors. But these nests can reduce the performance of both solar panels and the top.

To prevent this from happening:

  1. Contact Tulsa roofers and try to inspect the spaces more frequently.
  2. If you find any sign of nests, do not try to remove them yourself.
  3. Try to hire a wildlife removal company.

Call for Professionals

The roof significantly affects your solar panels’ durability, seal and functionality. But installing solar panels over high-quality roofing materials can restrain issues from occurring. However, we cannot guarantee you anything.

Despite following all these tips, you still notice signs of moisture damage on your roof. In that case, you can hire a team of expert Tulsa roofers. Also, call us at All American Roofing to learn more about this.