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Hail Damage: Contact Roofing Experts to Identify the Signs

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According to research, most house owners file for homeowners’ insurance due to hail damage to their roofs. Undoubtedly, hail can damage the roof significantly, but the signs may not always be visible to the naked eye. That’s why the damage becomes severe and requires expensive repair over time.

Remember that hailstorms mainly damage the roof in two ways – decreasing the waterproofing ability and lowering the wear and tear resistance power. House owners should hire roofing contractors to inspect the roof and fix the problems quickly. We have discussed how hail damages the roofing system and how to identify the issues. Continue reading this article to get a clear concept about it.

What Do You Mean by Hail Damage?

When water droplets freeze together on the upper regions of thunderstorm clouds, they form hail. The size of hailstones ranges between five millimeters and 15 centimeters in diameter. How much these hailstones affect your roof depends upon various factors. They are as follows – wind speed, hail size, the roofing material, wind direction and age of materials.

How Do Hailstorms Affect Your Roof?

  • One Inch – No exterior damage occurs.
  • 1.25 Inch – Cracks may occur in the siding.
  • 1.5 Inch – Damage to the roof significantly.
  • 1.75 Inch – Damage to the exterior paints of the roof and the house.
  • 2.50 Inch – Damaged crops, granules loss and broken car windows.

After the hailstorm, you should hire residential roofing experts to inspect the house. Living in Tulsa means this inspection is mandatory because hail is apparent there. Without regular inspection and maintenance, your roof may need expensive replacement.

How Can You Identify the Signs of a Hailstorm and When to Hire a Roofing Contractor?

1. Granule Loss

When your roof’s shingles start losing granules, you may notice elements like sand on top of it. That is an apparent sign of lost granules. As a result, the underlying coating of shingles becomes exposed to the external element and leads to severe damage. It is one of the most common signs of hail damage. When you notice this, immediately contact a professional roofing contractor in Tulsa. .

2. Fiberglass Mat Undergoes Fracture

House owners cannot identify fractured fiberglass with the naked eye. Identifying such minimal damage requires concentration of a trained professional. Fractured fiberglass leads to cracks over time if ignored for too long.

3. Shingles Become Cracked

In most cases, the combination of high winds and hailstones bends the shingles. As a result, it tears down and causes leakage issues later. Cracked or warped shingles no longer protect the roof.

What Will Happen When You Ignore the Repair?

When you ignore the damage for too long, it leads to leakage issues and ice dams. These problems cause electrical issues, mold damage and rotting wood. When these issues become visible, there is nothing you can do except expensive repair or replacement. Hire residential roofing experts to fix minor issues to prevent spending unnecessary money on a replacement.

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Homeowners’ policy covers all “acts of nature,” including hailstorms. But remember that if you do not inspect and maintain the roof regularly, the insurance policy may not apply in your case. If you want to hire professional roofing service at a reasonable price, contact us at All American Roofing.