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Licensed Roofing Contractors in OKC: Is It Mandatory?

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When we get sick, we go to doctors for treatment or when our car is no longer in driving condition, we take the vehicle to the mechanic’s shop. In most cases, we hire experts to do the jobs. Then why don’t we pay attention to whether the roofer is licensed?

Many house owners hire random guys without eyeing their licenses and insurance, letting them repair their roofs. As a result, the house owners have to spend thousands of dollars on costly repairs after some time.

You may wonder which commercial roofing contractors in Tulsa, OK, are licensed. Continue reading this article to learn the factors step by step.

How Can You Know Whether Your Roofer is Licensed?

● Ask Them to Show the License

Before hiring roofing specialists, you should ask them to show proof. These should be license documents and insurance policies. Licensed roofers will always carry the documents because they prove their reliability and quality services. Also, you should check the insurance policy, including workers’ compensation, to ensure they are the ideal fit for your project.. If they don’t agree to show the documents, don’t hire them at any cost.

❖ In Oklahoma

Generally, commercial roofing contractors don’t need any state license to work in Oklahoma. But remember that they have to complete contractor registration equivalent to a permit. To register, the roofers should submit liability insurance and workers’ compensation.

Why Should You Hire Only a Licensed Commercial Roofing Company?

1. They Know the Stuff

As a house owner, you should seek licensed roofing contractors because they pass a few tests to obtain the license. These roofing professionals have prior knowledge about roof repair and maintenance according to the permitted guideline.

2. They Are Insured

You may be thinking, would insurance do any good in roofing work? But wait for a second, what happens if something goes wrong or, let’s say, an accident occurs while repairing the roof?

If the roofing contractors are not insured, the customer will be liable for the accident and have to compensate for the damage. Do you want to face such a consequence? No. Hiring insured roofers mean you are free from any liability in case of property damage or other issues.

3. Follow the Contracts

The licensed commercial roofing company follows the contracts strictly. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about whether they complete all the work. On top of that, everything, including the project scope, timeline and materials, is included or mentioned in the contracts.

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