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Maintenance Tips Recommended By Commercial Roofing Experts

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Generally, house owners try to hire roofers at least once every year to protect the roof from natural phenomena. But when it comes to a commercial building, it often remains unaddressed in most cases for years unless any severe problem arises out of nowhere. The situation in commercial roofing can be expensive because the damage is mostly more severe than in residential roofing.

It is especially true for Oklahoma City because it falls under tornado alley and is prone to life-threatening storms. But with some simple maintenance tips, you can keep the major issues at bay and protect the roof for years. How so? Let’s have a look.

Hire Commercial Roofing Experts after a Storm

Storms such as hail, tornados, and hurricanes can cause severe damage to the commercial roof. In most cases, they lead to minor leakage and crack problems which become a bigger issue after a significant period. That’s why you should contact roofers to inspect whether there are signs of roofing issues or not and act accordingly.

Also, Examine the Wall

Sometimes, you may notice cracks or dampness on the wall of your building. These are no minor issues; these are the signs that indicate that the roof has leakage issues. Whenever you notice wet paint, peeling mold and mildew growth on the wall, try to contact the commercial roofing contractors to prevent moisture penetration.

Clear the Roof Frequently

Usually, we may notice debris on the roof. The house owners can’t clean it frequently. But that’s not true for commercial roofs. The commercial property manager should hire an expert to clean the roof often. Debris is harmful for the roofing vents, coating, membranes and tiles. After heavy rain, debris can clog the gutter and contribute to standing water, leading to moisture issues.

Remove the Overhanging Branches on the Roof

Do you know that overhanging trees on the commercial roof can destroy the structural integrity of the building completely? Yes, they do. The hanging branches clog the gutters and other features of the roof and cause water penetration and lower the ability of a roof’s performance. That’s why you must contact commercial roofing experts to trim the overhanging branches so they do not threaten the building.

Check the Attic

Do you notice signs of cracks in the sheathing and rafters and other visible damages in the deck? Do you notice shiny parts in particular places in the attic where they should not? Is there enough ventilation in the attic? If your answer is yes, then hire commercial roofing contractors immediately to solve the problems.

What Are Commercial Roofing Types Best in the Market?

There are various types of commercial roofing materials in the market. But modified bitumen, metal roofing PVC and TPO roofing membrane are the best solutions for commercial buildings.

Protect Your Home

Though commercial roofing is sturdy enough to bear a significant amount of load that does not mean you have to keep unnecessary things on the roof. Try to eliminate the loads from the top as much as possible. It would help your shelter to remain in a good condition for years. However, if you want to know more about it and get a free estimate, contact us at All American Roofing in OKC.