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Tell-Tale Signs That Your Gutter Might Not Be Working

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Gutters are troughs placed at the edge of your roof so rainwater can be quickly drained from your roof. It has a critical function and, if working properly, can keep your whole home structure safe. Your house can become vulnerable to several problems in the future, which can cause a lot of money. This can mostly happen to people in Tulsa because of their weather. But doing the whole inspection and cleaning yourself is never a good idea. Getting professional roofers to do the job might be better, especially from the best roofing company in Tulsa.

Signs You Have a Clogged Gutter

Many signs might show that you have a clogged gutter that might be visible or not so obvious. The professional roofers can identify those problems upon inspection if those are actual signs or not. Many obvious signs are visible when you look at your roof. Those signs should be taken seriously. There are many minor signs which should not be ignored as they can cause serious problems in the future.   


If you notice staining in the siding or the downspouts and near or in your gutter, it is a serious sign that cannot be ignored. This is a warning that your gutter is clogged and is overflowing. This usually happens after a storm when the gutter gets a lot of debris, tree branches, or leaves, which blocks the way. The water gets diverted or stops to flow at the right angle and falls in some other way. The best roofing company in Tulsa suggests that if those stains are visible in the interior of the house, then calling a professional as soon as possible is necessary.

Plant Grown in Gutter

If you ignore cleaning your gutter for a long time, then small plants tend to start growing there. When dirt and debris from in your drain get sunlight and moisture, it creates an environment where fungi can grow. Getting a roofer can help you clean those plants and work your gutter again.


If your gutter is sagging, it won’t look as damaging to your home, but as soon as it separates from your home, it creates a huge problem. It can bring your whole home’s exterior apart and fall off your roof. The roofers need to re-install the whole gutter in that case. At this time, you need to check if the material used before was of low quality and use a better quality this time so that the problem does not happen again.

Let the Water Flow Freely

Gutters must work efficiently, so your entire house keeps working nicely. You can get this from All American Roofing, where they have experienced roofers who can make sure your gutters are in their best shape.