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Ways to Know You Have Animals in Your Attic

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Finally, when the snow and ice have melted, and spring has sprung, you will see the glazing sun in Oklahoma City and all the squirrels and birds with it. This is the time they are going to start making homes for themselves. What is a better place for them to make their nesting other than your attic and roof? They usually want to be in a shelter because they want to raise their young ones from the harsh weather. Birds and squirrels running around your garden and roof look beautiful, but they can start causing huge problems to your attic. The roofing companies suggest every homeowner get an inspection done as soon as the summer begins to avoid these problems.  

Some of the Problems You Might Face

Acidic Wastes

You will find both active and passive damage from rodents, birds, and other pest animals in your attic. Many small animals cause acidic waste in your attic and have the ability to eat through asphalt shingles and even clay tiles which can lead to heavy damage where the professionals from roofing companies might have to replace your whole roof. You must remove the small animals as quickly as possible to avoid costly damage to your roof.


If your attic becomes a home for small animals, they will eat through your clay tiles and asphalt shingles. In this way, they will erode faster because of all the scratches they will endure from these pests.

Birds have sharp nails, and when they sit on your roof, they unitedly keep scratching those areas, while squirrels can scratch the roof material without affecting the curb, so you won’t be able to understand there is something wrong with your roof.

If you have architectural shingles, then you are going to face a tremendous amount of damage. Contact any good roofing companies to get it checked.

Spreading of Disease

The animals in your attic will leave dropping everywhere, which will, in turn, increase the house’s moisture. This is not the only way, as the growth of food and organisms from small animals can also increase this problem. This can increase the toxicity level of air inside your house as the moisture will breed harmful spores. Roofing companies can remove that harmful moisture and help you keep your family safe.

The Best Thing to Do

If you find yourself in this situation, you can best contact All American Roofing, which has the most experienced roofers on its team. They can remove those animals from your attic and mend any problems that might be there.